NTC Italia Douglas 3 Seater 3 Cushion Electric Reciner Each End In Grade C Leather


NTC Italia`s sofas and suites are made in Bari, in the heart of the Italian manufacturing district. Each and every piece is hand-built by skilled Italian craftsmen and women. Each piece is designed, not just for its great looks, but also for astounding levels of comfort. With a combination of modern technology and traditional methods of construction ensures that, no matter the model, or the price, you will most assuredly be sitting comfortably on your new suite

  • 100% Italian Leather
  • Wide choice of high spec Italian Leathers
  • Double-Sprung system
  • unique Extensor mechanism



Douglas 3 Seater 3 Cushion Electric Recliner Each End

in grade C leasther

Made in Italy and regarded as one of the finest sofa makers, NTC Italia offers customers a bespoke made-to-order service, allowing you to select the exact leather  colour to suit your needs along with a range of models and schematics to complement your lifestyle, interior tastes and fit your room space.

The build quality and comfort of these incredible top of the range sofas should be viewed and felt to be totally appreciated

Also so available in manual and electric recliners please phone or email for details


NTC Italia

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